Me at Seal Rocks, Phillips Island, Victoria.About

My name is David Hocking and I am a research student with Monash University and Museum Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. I am currently undertaking a PhD in zoology, studying the underwater feeding behaviours of captive and wild pinnipeds (seals). This research is  supervised by Dr. Alistair Evans (Monash University) and Dr. Erich Fitzgerald (Museum Victoria) and involves performing captive feeding trials at Melbourne and Taronga Zoos to allow us to observe and record the details of feeding mechanics during underwater prey capture and handling.

UPDATE: Check out our new video explaining our recent publication on leopard seal feeding behaviours (Link) and some of the media coverage we had about the paper (Publications)


Please feel free to have a look around my site and contact me via the contacts page if you have any further questions.

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David Hocking